Below you can see our drivers and documentation for Trend Control Systems

What’s new in Version

  • Adjusted the state function for the new Time Scheduler.
  • Added new information for setting up communication via Express wizard.
  • PIN is released for IQ3 and IQ4. IQ2 is still undocumented.
    Example: 12.11/1234

What’s new in Version

  • The new model of TimeScheduling is now implemented. Address example: Z1,W1,P1(T)
  • Two new tagtypes DIRDATAR and DIRDATAW have been added. They are used for the possibility to make a free read and write configuration for IQ3 and IQ4. Example to write several values at the same time: Z1(W1(P1(T=06:47))),Z1(W1(P1(V=1.00))),K1(V=51.57)
  • Two new templates TRENDCS2.DBF and TRENDCS4.DBF have been added. TRENDCS and TRENDCS2 are identical. TRENDCS3 and TRENDSCS4 are identical as well.
  • A new special parameter “DecimalSymbol” has been added which can be set in Citect.ini. It has been an issue on different OS versions, languages and local settings, where there have been problems with the decimal points when using float.
  • The initialization of IO Devices is now the same for Primary and Standby devices when using redundancy.
  • A new license key is needed for version 4.
  • PIN is implemented as a beta function and is therefore undocumented for a while. If you want to start using PIN send us an email and we will send over the instructions to you.

Some users have made extra fields in the templatefiles TRENDCS.DBF and TRENDCS3.DBF. Remember to rewrite these changes to the new dbf templates if you want to use the new tagtypes in version 4. Please, send us an email with your changes so we can implement them in the the next version with the driver.