References Citect drivers

In begcomm we have been working with Cite. We have developed several Citect drivers from the basic specification to beta testing and further to a finished driver. We have also made adjustments and bugfixes in original Citect drivers. If you need a new Citect driver or if you need other communication help don’t hesitate to contact us.

Citect drivers entirely developed by begcomm

AQUACOMITT Flygt ABbegcommSupporting Read and write channels, Status, Pump control,
Trend request, Periodic report, Alarm, Alarm code priorities.
CYLCTRLCylon Controls Ltd
Autic A/SSupporting Points value block analog/digital, Version, Real
time clock, Time scheduler.
EIBKNX EIBA/KonnexAvevaSupporting ABB IP-GATEWAY IG/S 1.1 with data types
boolean, 8-bit unsigned, 2-octet signed and 2-octet float
EMSBOSCHBoschBosch Thermoteknik ABEventbased. Supporting tagdatabase from file.
JCONTROLJohnson ControlsbegcommSupporting N2 protocol and parts of N2 Open.
V4.8, EN1434,
PiiGABGeneric M-Bus driver supporting primary and
secondary addresses, single- and multi telegram,
manufacturer specific data etc.
REGOIVT Industrier ABIVT Industrier ABSupporting Rego 400 and Rego 600.
REGOCANIVT Industrier ABIVT Industrier ABSupporting USB-to-CAN compact interface from IXXAT
Automation GMBH.
SIOXTelefrang ABbegcommSupporting Read/Write RAM and EPROM in SETUPMODE,
one level of the router module R30, extended numbers of
parameters to 16384.

Citect drivers adjusted and/or complimented by begcomm

ASCIIGenericAvevaImplementation of reconnect control when using eventbased equipments over tcp.
ASEAABB AutomationAvevaBugfixes in the Excom driver.
COMLIABB AutomationAvevaImplementation of backfill, high registers, reversed
floating point, AO (Analog output), Adjustments of reconnect.
EXOCITReginExomatic ABbegcommImplementation of the include system, member of
FIPNTSchneider ElectricAvevaBugfixes and implementation of reading digitals in word.
IVTIVT Industrier ABbegcommImplementation of statistics, calendar function and include
MELSECMitsubishiAvevaImplementation of reconnect for TCP/IP.
PSRCOMHoneywell ABbegcommImplementation of TCP/IP and Dial.
ROKOMATAcobiaFlux ABAcobiaFlux ABAdviser for driver development.
SATTBUSABB AutomationAvevaImplementation of Comli controller message.
SBUSSAIAAvevaImplementation of udp to datamode and some bugfixes.
SRDLINKKTC Control ABbegcommNew response filter and implementation of new devices.
TALMETAC Svenska ABbegcommImplementation of Talme devices LCU, SLB, PLB and zone controllers.
TRENDCSTrend Control
Systems Ltd
begcommBugfixes, implementation of TCP/IP, support for IQ3.
UNITELSchneider ElectricAvevaBugfixes.