Older versions

Below you see a collection of older driver versions. In the column below to the right you can see which versions was the last that Beijer Electronics had on their product program before begcomm took them over.
If you need some of them to make a new installation after a computer crash or similar just send us an email. We just take an administrative cost to handle the case. Of course, the original license has to be verified in our tracking system.

ManufacturerDriverBeijer Electronics AB
(Last version)
ITT FlygtAQUACOM2.00.02.001
Johnson ControlJCONTROL2.02.02.001
Landis & StaefaPRV1.00.20.001
Honeywell (INU control)PSRCOM2.02.00.001
( Honeywell)
ABB NovatuneSLPD1.12
Schneider Electric (TAC)TALME2.00.01.001
Trend ControlTRENDCS2.01.06.001