Prices Citect drivers

Here are the prices for the Citect drivers:

  1. The price to update your driver to a new version is 45% of the list price. The condition is that the original license can be found in the tracking database that begcomm has received from Beijer electronics AB. Alternatively the verification can be done via a copy of the invoice.
  2. To make a new license key if you want to change the Citect hardware key or software key costs 1500SEK.
  3. If you need a new license for an old version of a driver because of a computer crash or similar this can be sent after a request via email. The cost is 3000SEK.
ManufacturerDriverPrice (SEK)
ITT FlygtAQUACOM16.000
Johnson ControlJCONTROL9.000
Landis & StaefaPRV16.000
Honeywell (INU control)PSRCOM16.000
ABB NovatuneSLPD32.000
Schneider Electric (TAC)TALME16.000
Trend ControlTRENDCS16.000

All prices are exclusive value added tax (VAT). Delivery of the drivers is done by downloading from the site, and the delivery of license keys is done by email.